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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I have to write a blog about one of the biggest parts of my life, Confirmation.

This is us at a concert yesterday at the Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA. We did a concert for the entire student body, and we were well-received. Some people had never heard gospel music before. Imagine that. That's one of the reasons I founded this group.

I founded this group in 1999 and called it Confirmation. It's made up of friends I have met through some of my many musical endeavors, and in this case specifically gospel choirs. I was looking for good singers, but more importantly, looking for people who had a desire to go outside of the choir and the church to spread the gospel message to people who had not been to, would not, or could not get to church. This includes schools, prisons, veterans' shelters, homeless shelters, parks, private functions, and of course churches. We have 3 CD's and are working on 2 more. The new one is called "The Jesus is the Man Project" and I'll defintely write about that another time. That is my Mr. Holland's Opus.

Anyway, there's nothing like introducing this music to people who don't get to hear it, or hear it that often. It's a double thrill because I write all of the music. You can check us out at the link to your right.


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