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The Official Site for David Freeman Coleman
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Inspired by Mavervorl

Hello all,

Inspired by, a must read for all alternative humor enthusiasts, I have begun this blog. I actually don't expect one person to read this stuff. I'm doing it for me. You say (if someone actually is reading this - YOU!) - "Why not just keep a diary or a journal? Why post this on the web?" Good question. Answer - because I'm in much need of attention, even if imagined. We all need attention.

It's the myth that we don't need attention that makes this world less and less friendly everyday. In the movie "Contact," a must see for all alternative religion enthusiasts, the statement by the alien lifeform is that we send out messages to let someone know that they're not alone in the universe. Well, this is my message: Guess what? You are alone. Just kidding. Hope you're laughing. Started getting too deep there.

Anyway, I miss my friend, Marty Barrett, better known as the keeper of the gate of Mavervorl, the thousand headed goat, and the only way I consistently stay in touch is through his blog, The Flight of the Mavervorl. So for anyone who's looking for a taste of my life, and doesn't have time to call or write (see paragraph 2), I present to you the adventures of Funkyman.

I'll explain Funkyman next time.


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