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Saturday, March 03, 2018

To Protest Or Not To Protest?

Hello Funkymericans!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 is National School Walk-Out Day.  I think this is a timely, exciting event, and even though the school where I work will be on break, I'll be walking out in spirit.

However, some of you say "it won't change anything."  It's a valid feeling, and I used to share it.

First of all, you're right - these school walk-outs most likely will neither change the hearts and minds of people in the debate nor influence politicians to vote differently on gun control laws.  When I was in college and the Iraq War (George H.W. Bush) was happening - Desert Storm - some of my classmates ran out of the dorms of BU and onto Storrow Drive stopping traffic yelling "No war!"  I thought they were lunatics because "it won't change anything."  

However, while the school walk-outs may not change anything directly, they are being reported, and more importantly, they are being recorded.  They will become a part of our history.  We find inspiration in the fights for today in the recorded history and footage of fights of the past.  Plenty of people marched for civil rights and freedom long before we ever got it.  A march or a walk-out doesn't change things alone.  However, it's part of a larger wave of events that do.  So while I know someone marching for rights in 1918 may not have resulted in change for that person's lifetime, I know for a fact it made a difference in the long run for me and my family.

So, I am excited about the school walk-outs because they are receiving national attention and will be filmed and captured for generations to see in the future.  Maybe we won't see the change in our lifetime.  But someone in the future looking back at our time now will know that we didn't sit still and do nothing.  And that will confirm to future generations that they are neither alone nor the originators of ideas to do the right thing.

That's why Kaepernick's protest matters.
That's why Occupy Wall Street matters.
That's why Black Lives . . . ;-)

Change is inevitable.  Better is coming.  If not for us, for our children, or children's children, or . . .

So I can't wait to "walk-out" with America's students, and be a part of the wave.


- Funkyman

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