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The Official Site for David Freeman Coleman
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

“Clark Kent”

I'm a shy guy climbing up the wrong side of a mountain too high.
I can't see the top. When you see me drop,
I fall down all the way to touch ground. On my feet I rebound.
Think I'm hurt? I'm not. And I'll never stop being afraid of you.
Totally get why you would forget my name.

I've heard that nice guys finish last. Well nice try,
They run past me all the time at the finish line while I fall behind
In last place. Once again I'm too late, running in the lowest lane.
Do you even recognize my face?
Bad boys and heroes alike, even they can guess why you forget my name.

On this planet daily I am
Working right beside you, but what I do won’t excite you.
No small town boy could ever fly.
I'm not even a contender, no reason why you'd remember me.

I say hi, and you walk by,
Faster than a locomotive like I never spoke a word.
You see through me – so can I.
It’s burning up my vision, I can’t see the right direction

The question is there in my head.
When I met you, what was it I said
To make you so clearly forget?
Maybe I’m no man of steel. Is that why I try to conceal my real . . .

. . . name?

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