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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Dark Side Won't Win

My dear Funkitians,

I was planning on being funny this week, but then I read about all this stuff with the Pope. So apologies in advance.

Two quotes I often hear are:

"There's something wrong with the church!" and "That's why I don't go to church."

I will normally hear people say this after some story breaks about molestation of children by Catholic priests.

Please know that personally I believe that there is a special place in hell for the priests who commit these crimes without repentance and forgiveness.

And if you don't believe that there is a hell, you probably don't believe there is a God, so this particular blog entry won't interest you much. You can stop reading now. I can't prove there is a hell anymore than I can prove there is a God. However, if the love, joy, and peace I associate with God's presence is a taste of what heaven is like, then surely pain, sickness, and chaos can hint at something of the opposite extreme and being out of God's presence. But that is a question of faith, and I digress.

To those disenchanted with the church - pastors who lie and steal from their congregations, politics and infighting within church ministries, cliques and socialized groups in church that can create the exclusion of others, whatever - I have this to say.

Just because there is a no-good cop abusing his power doesn't mean I don't love the good police and recognize the basic need for law enforcement on Earth.

Just because a teacher has it in for you and makes your life miserable doesn't mean all teachers are evil and that teaching has ceased to be the noblest profession on Earth.

Just because a woman breaks my heart doesn't mean I should have a vendetta against all other women and get payback at the next one or ten I meet.

Just because a baby gets dirty and makes dirty water while taking a bath doesn't mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

And just because there are leaders in the Catholic church who have been involved in heartless sinful crimes against humanity doesn't mean the ENTIRE church is corrupt and there is no reason to go to church or believe in God.

Because . . . church is made up of people. The imperfection is built in. You say there's something wrong with the church?

God would agree. Help Him by continuing to build His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Don't just bail.

Now I gotta go find my humor again after I pray for all of the children and families affected by these crimes. Yeah, I guess I'll pray for the priests too.

Wow - a mess.

- Funkyman


Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed reading blog, but something you wrote rubbed me the wrong way today. You said, "And if you don't believe that there is a hell, you probably don't believe there is a God." You know that there is no heaven or hell in Judaism, but there is absolutely a G-d. The idea is that what we do now (to ourselves, to others, to our world) affects us now, in this life, not in the beyond. It's a reminder to do the right thing now, because it's the only world we have that is guaranteed, that we affect the world we live in, not that the payoff is some badass afterlife.

I know that you're a Christian, and proud of it, and that's great. But it's closed-minded and naive to assume that a non-belief in heaven/hell is a non-belief in G-d.

Now, just because you made a huge assumption about a whole people's beliefs that turned out to be obscenely wrong, I'm still going to read and enjoy your blog.

<3, a former student.

PS. Happy Passover

DavidColeman said...

Thank you anonymous for your comment.

First, my apologies to you and the entire Jewish faith. You're right, I am not Jewish and I did not know the details of the Jewish religion's stance on the afterlife. My comment was not directed at you. I believe it is very possible to believe in God and not believe in an afterlife.

It is also very possible to be wrong about both - I might be wrong and so may you - it's an issue of faith. I probably should have left the comment out altogether for it does deserve way more exploration than a quick comment.

There is no limit to the number of possibilities of what one may believe. I was simply presenting my elementary "logic" at why there COULD be both - absolutely not a declaration that someone was wrong for believing different. Sorry I offended. I am not that close-minded.

I have believed many different things throughout my journey, whether Christian or not. Whatever journey or faith-walk you are on, I encourage you and support you.

I do hesitate to comment on religion in my blog to avoid comments and bad feelings like yours. I was writing quickly and out of passion. Sorry again.

- Funkyman

Anonymous said...

It's all good, Mr. C.

I appreciate the apology. It's easy to make mistakes and assumptions. I know it's hard to talk about faith, because there are so many different branches, meanings, and interpretations.

Like I said, I'll still keep reading, because I love the spin you always bring. So keep bringing it! I'll keep reading.