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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Very Good Things

O.K., nothing serious here. Good times! Luda!

Let's lighten up this blog with a little harmony and good cheer. Today I discuss the 5 very best things I've ever done. Now, just as very bad things had to be qualified by things I can't apologize for, very good things have to be qualified by things I cannot be thanked for. Also, ministry does not count. I have done plenty of things in the name of the Lord that I will not take credit for. Enough talking - to the list!

1. I wrote and dedicated a song to my grandfather after he passed away. I had the opportunity to not only sing the song at his funeral, but also share his life and story with many strangers long after, simply because I have concerts, audiences, and a microphone. His life is touching, and he never got to hear the song. His spirit lives on through it though, and in me.

2. I helped a friend from committing suicide. (Technically, he/she could thank me for that, but we are not close anymore.)

3. For years, I undercharged churches for my services, without telling them I was doing so. They just thought it was a good deal.

4. While admittedly given only a few chances in my life, when the opportunity presented itself, I have never taken advantage of a woman.

5. Aimée Fadie Coleman - my daughter, my love. While not solely responsible for "doing" this, I was allowed to participate, which is the next best thing. I'll take it. She's the best thing I've ever done.

So you see, I'm not all bad. Despite what some believe, we're not born evil or good. We have the capacity to do both. The only one truly evil is the Enemy and the only one truly good is YOU KNOW WHO.

It's our job everyday to choose who we'll serve. I choose the Good Guy. People get to live when He's in charge. I like life.

- Funkyman

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Gram the Man said...

That is the picture of the month, Mr. Coleman. You have an angel growing out of your head.

Still, your services to The Orange Show et al have to at least be sixth.