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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Wow, I've tried to steer clear of serious topics, but how can I not comment on this week's tragedy. See how well I did with the Imus circus? But, I would not be a noteworthy blog if I didn't touch upon these notes.

A note to the families of the victims - While I do not understand or know your pain, I now know more than ever that there is no real safe place for our children except maybe by our sides, sitting at home in front of a fire. My condolences. Whether you believe in prayer or not, everyone's desire is a world free from this type of fear. I'm praying for you and for all of us.

A note to the survivors at Virginia Tech - You have the world's attention. Teach us. Help us to learn.

A note to the killer - Dude, "You all had your chance?" What are you talking about? Then again, what am I talking about? You were obviously disturbed, and now you're obviously not alive. RIP.

A note to the media - Stop playing clips of this guy. Don't you know he made this video and sent it specifically to NBC for this purpose? Why are we celebrating his wishes by granting him all of this air time? We should be focusing on helping the families - send cards and money, and cover actual news stories that are affecting the entire world, including the Virginia Tech faculty and students. Help us get our minds off of the sensationalism. Do we need the play by play of the experts figuring this guy out? This is not helping anything but our understandable yet unhealthy curiosity. This is like driving slowly past an automobile accident on the highway and causing a traffic jam. Well, our minds our jammed up. Get this guy off of the TV and websites. Hasn't he done enough?

Outside of this week's events, here's my top ten list of the most tragic events in my lifetime that shook me and the rest of the country/world up.

10 - Reagan is shot
09 - Pope is shot
08 - Berlin Wall falls
07 - Nelson Mandela is freed (that shook us up in a good way)
06 - Koresh & Branch Davidians Standoff
05 - Catholic Priest Scandal
04 - Space Shuttle Explosion
03 - Oklahoma Bombing
02 - Columbine
01 - 9/11

Finally, here's my top ten list of things we will never understand.

10 - The true nature of man
09 - Who's responsible for the death of JFK?
08 - New Coke
07 - Whitney and Bobby
06 - Britney and K-fed
05 - George Bush and the Iraq War
04 - Sanjaya's fans
03 - Why do bad things happen to good people?
02 - The Matrix 2 and 3
01 - Michael Jackson - The world's greatest entertainer, but I mean, really!

Well, Study Hall's almost up. Time to ponder this week's events and how we're going to be a better world.

- Funkyman


Unknown said...

hey there!

I have a video you might be interesed in. Ping me when you get a chance...


Gram the Man said...

David: your abuse of stock photography should be somewhere on that list. I am coming to discuss this matter with you personally this week.

b.kiddo said...

theres a book entitled Why do bad things Happen to Good people. you may find solace there?