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The Official Site for David Freeman Coleman
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


(Cue horns)

Ladies and Gentleman! . . . The most exciting blog site you've ever witnessed . . . appearing live . . .

Funk E Man and the Ad Ven Turrrrrrrreeeeeeessssss!

Slick Rick: "Excuse me Funk E Man . . ."

Me: "Yes"

Slick Rick: "Have you ever seen a blog with a fella on the type with one minute jokes that don't come out right? They bite."

Me: "They never write."

SR: "That's not polite. Am I lyin'?"

Me: "No, you're quite right."

SR: "Well tonight on this very screen you're about to see"

Us: "We swear the best darn blogger of the year."

SR: So

Me: So

SR: Cheerio!

Me: Yell

SR: Scream

Me: Bravo! Also, if you didn't know this is called

THE ADVENTURES OF FUNKYMAN 150th ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confused by the title? OK, so a sequicentennial is celebrating an anniversary of 150 years, but since A. no one will ever experience that for real, and B. there's no word for the 150th anything EXCEPT anniversaries . . . just roll with it. :-)

Yes, it's finally here! Welcome to the show everyone. In January of 2006, I sat down at a computer with the intention of keeping a daily journal . . . . which turned into a weekly one . . . . which turned into 3 times a month . . . . . which turned into the Adventures of Funkyman as we know it. If you've been with me for the entire journey, imagine me over here blowing a party horn just for you! Woo hoo!

If you are new the Adventures of Funkyman - welcome, right welcome. I am a lot of things: a father, a husband, a teacher, a director, a composer, a musician, a singer, a rapper, a producer, and yes, a writer - BUT - none of those things mean anything if I am not grounded in who I really am - a person. Yes that sounds silly, but I truly believe that in order to appreciate any of the above mentioned things, you must understand what it takes to be a human being. Thank you to one of my professors from college for teaching me that lesson - Thomas Stumpf - who said: "Work on being a good person, then a good musician, then a good pianist - in that order." Even though I was young, I understood what he meant and was grateful he said it. I've never forgotten it, and it has laced my life with wisdom and truth. I can honestly say that I could die tomorrow and would rejoice in having had led an amazing life. However, that is not my plan!

I'm here to celebrate - again - because this has been a year of celebration. My loyal readers know that I recently turned 40, I released a new CD, and I had a great party for both in April. The next blog entry will be about the party, but today, I must celebrate this momentous occasion on writing the blog itself.

What is the inspiration for the Adventures of Funkyman? Well of course, there are several, but I have to credit Lewis Thomas.

You: Who?

Me: Lewis Thomas

You: I heard you the first time. Who?

Lewis Thomas was a biologist who wrote a series of essays that he collected into a book called The Lives of a Cell. If Lewis Thomas had access to the internet (or a computer at all), he would have been a blogger. It's a great book for short attention span people, like say . . . Americans . . . because each entry is only a few pages long, a la a blog entry. His perspective on life, the world, and the people who live on it pretty much blew me away, as the "Cell" he mentions in the title is Earth. Earth is a living entity - a very large cell.

Anyway, as I read that book at age 18, I began to write down my thoughts in the same style - essays that comment on myself as well as the world around me. I stopped doing that long ago, but the internet and the success of online journals inspired me to pick it up again and . . . c'est VOILA.

There are several essays in that book by Lewis Thomas, but I certainly had favorites. You might wonder that I may have favorite entries to my own blog.

You: Well, actually yes, do you have favorite entries?

Me: How dare you!!! I love all of my children equally!

You: I don't know. I really liked your definition of corny and cheesy.

Me: OK, Corny vs. Chessy was good, but still that's not right to ask a father to choose favorites. Does God play favorites with us?

You: Well in the Bible, Jacob loved Joseph more, Jesus clearly had a special relationship with Peter, and in the parable of the Prodigal Son . . .

Me: ENOUGH!!!! OK, goodness I do have favorites! Are you happy now?

You: yes

Well Funktonians, here you are. My 10 favorite blog entries, and links in case you missed them.

Sleeping 101 - My guide to how to fall asleep in class successfully

Corny vs. Cheesy - The official definition courtesy of Funkyman (3rd most popular entry on site)

Lying to Your Children - Breaking down the 3 most common untruths adults teach our children

My Least Favorite Holiday
- Exactly what is Christmas?

Four Silly Words - Defining isms

Crisis - Appreciate your life

It - Do you have what it takes to "make it"?

My Best Story - Simply stated - the craziest thing that ever happened to me

Show and Tell - Me - The funniest thing that ever happened to me

Fatal Atraction - Perspective on why people cheat

Peace, love, and funk to everyone. See you next time at 151!

- Funkyman

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